Engraved Beer Mugs

Posted by Frederick Engraving on 9/17/2015

We get a lot of requests for custom drinkware around here, but it's much rarer that we end up making the drinkware specifically for the people making the drinks! In this instance, Newburyport Brewing Company out of Newburyport, MA, reached out to us to create some engraved beer mugs for their employees. They wanted to thank their employees for all their hard work, and a personalized custom beer mug is a great way to show appreciation, especially for those whose work helps create the brew to fill it!

Engraved Mugs

We created a custom design incorporating the brewery's logo, and personalized each mug with the employee's name and the date they started with the company. That's just the ticket to commemorate each employee's hard work with the brewery and let them know that their contributions make a difference. It's a special keepsake, one that can serve equally well whether displayed on an office shelf or put to immediate use in the function for which it was intended. We have to wonder: after the mugs were given out, how many of them were found down in the taproom that evening, their recipients proudly raising their glasses full of beer in a toast to their company? We're guessing a lot!

Engraved Beer Mug

What a great idea, and one with so many possible adaptations! (Local winery owners in particular take note: we wouldn't blame you for borrowing this idea!) Pint glasses, mason jars, wine glasses, beer growlers, and rocks glasses are just some of our available barware options along with the aforementioned beer mugs, and any of these can be engraved with a personalized design. We love taking on custom projects for businesses, and many of our other orders are for wedding parties. Of course, we carry many other engraved objects in addition to barware: kitchenware, golf balls, holiday ornaments, and more. Whatever the occasion, contact us and we'll help you pick out a special item to commemorate it!

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