Gag Gifts for Golfers

Posted by Frederick Engraving on 8/27/2015

A Gift to Keep You on Your Game

Not all engraving has to be serious or for a special occasion. We keep a sense of humor about what we do, and sometimes a customer requests such a punny engraved phrase that we can't help but laugh. (Or maybe groan!) This inspired our line of engraved golf balls: with phrases like "Stop Looking at My Putt!" and more, they make the perfect gag gift for any golfer in your life.

Great for Father's Day, birthdays, or no special occasion at all, these engraved golf balls will bring a sense of humor to the green. They're certainly not your standard selection, but at least the recipient will know which ball is theirs, and have a laugh along with it! Perfect for some good-natured ribbing amongst your golf buddies, we offer gag gift golf balls in several pre-engraved phrases for you to choose from. Or why not get a custom phrase engraved, maybe a shared joke between you and your golf partner? The possibilities are endless.

Frederick Engraving
Just because these customized golf balls can be entertaining doesn't mean that we skimp on quality, though. Quite the opposite, actually! Our cutting-edge engraving equipment allows us to bind the print to the ball, creating a durable design great for use on every trip to the green.

Frederick Engraving

Engraved gifts can be funny, and also personal, practical, and attractive. We offer a variety of products with options suited to any occasion and taste. From golf balls and hockey pucks for the sports enthusiasts to beer glasses, hip flasks, and other barware for those who enjoy a good drink, we have you covered. Bring your gift-giving needs and ideas to us, and together we'll develop a personalized product just for your recipient!

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