Getting Hammered - with Creativity!

Posted by Frederick Engraving on 8/18/2015

Case in point! We offer engraved monogrammed hammers for the do-it-yourselfers and handy-people in your life. However, it wasn’t until we received this cute idea from a client that we even thought of engraving phrases! This particular customer wanted a custom engraved hammer for a housewarming party. No problem! Instead of a monogram, they wanted the following phrase: “Take a break from all your hard work and get hammered. Happy new home!” The hammer was, naturally, presented to their friends alongside a beer.

These are the sorts of projects we love to undertake. Engraved gifts offer you a great way to create something custom, personal, and practical (or pretty). We keep a variety of items on hand that will suit just about any taste, from golf balls for golf lovers to hip flasks for whiskey connoisseurs. There are even engraved pet tags for the animal lover in your life. If you have a creative idea and want some help making it a reality, come check out our shop or contact us through our form. Maybe you’ll start the next big trend in gifting!

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