St. Patrick's Day Annual Belgian Glass
St. Patrick's Day Annual Belgian Glass

St. Patrick's Day Annual Belgian Glass

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Whether you're serving a unique craft beer or a staple from a well-known brewery, this 13.25 oz. Belgian beer glass is perfect for showcasing your brews! The traditional, Belgian-style design allows the aromas and characteristics of each beer to tantalize your patrons, giving them the best experience your establishment can offer. The crystal clear glass ensures mouth-watering clarity as guests are served their favorite brew.

This glass features a narrow stem to allow for comfortable carrying without the need to cup the glass. This means the beer you're serving stays cold, and your patrons stay happy! The tulip-shape flares out slightly to a widened rim - perfect for holding just the right amount of foam, and topped with an orange or lime. The wide bowl also allows you to swirl your beer and release the full aromas, perfect for enhancing the flavor of hoppy and malty beers. Complete with a wide base, this glass sits steady on trays or tables to ensure stability. 

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