Gag Gifts for Golfers

Posted by Frederick Engraving on 8/27/2015
Golf Balls – Not all of our personalized products are prim and proper. We also like to have to sense of humor about what we do. As golf enthusiasts, we love to see the look on a friend’s face when you gift the perfect gag gift. This inspired our line of gag gift golf balls.

Getting Hammered - with Creativity!

Posted by Frederick Engraving on 8/18/2015
Sometimes our clients’ level of creativity goes beyond our expectations in the very best way! We engrave a lot of items for a variety of events and gift-giving occasions, but even with our extensive experience in this business, we don’t always think of everything.

Custom Proposal for a Beer Lover

Posted by Frederick Engraving on 8/11/2015

We recently had the privilege of being involved in a marriage proposal! The groom contacted us, wanting to know if we could help him make a custom pint glass to ask his girlfriend to marry him, while they were at a beer tasting festival.

We designed him a custom glass, complete with engravings of their first date, first kiss, and the date of the surprise proposal. When he presented her with the glass (filled with beer of course), she found out what the last date was for when she got to the bottom of the glass!


We followed up with him to see how it went, and she said yes! Congratulations Derek and Courtney!!